Unleashes AI magic for Malmö’s summer scene

Unleashes AI magic for Malmö’s summer scene

As all eyes turn towards Sweden and the vibrant city of Malmö, SAS is gearing up for the summer season with a cutting-edge AI-generated campaign. Partnering with the acclaimed Swedish AI artist Stephanie Löwenstein, SAS is set to captivate audiences with bold imagery featuring virtual SAS passengers.

These striking visuals will adorn SAS’ online platforms, the streets of Copenhagen and Malmö, and key airports across Scandinavia, setting the stage for a musical and celebratory extravaganza over the coming days.

“We’re thrilled to debut this groundbreaking campaign, marking our foray into AI-generated advertising, just as travelers from across Europe converge on Sweden and Malmö,” shares Paul Verhagen, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer at SAS. “As the premier carrier in the region, we’re excited to welcome visitors aboard and showcase the beauty and allure of our corner of the world.”

With over 1800 flights scheduled to Malmö and Copenhagen this week alone, SAS ensures seamless connectivity and extends a warm Scandinavian welcome to all passengers. The message ‘We bring Europe to Malmö’ greets arriving travelers, accompanied by AI-generated images tailored specifically for this musical extravaganza.

Committed to safety, reliability, and hospitality, SAS invites travelers to join in the festivities alongside music enthusiasts from across Europe and experience the magic of Sweden and Malmö throughout the summer season.

With around 24 million passengers served annually across 135 destinations along 285 routes, SAS continues to elevate the travel experience, embodying the spirit of Scandinavian hospitality and innovation.


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