These Are The Top 6 Attractions In North America According To U.S. Travelers

These Are The Top 6 Attractions In North America According To U.S. Travelers

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One of the great things about being a frequent traveler is getting to see some of the world’s best attractions first-hand.

Ancient Roman baths in Britain, the mythical temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican – these international sights attract American visitors in their droves.

But what about the best attractions on our own doorstep in North America? Which are the ones worth your time and effort to see?

young female traveler doing morning yoga at tikal temples in guatemalayoung female traveler doing morning yoga at tikal temples in guatemala

A new report by vacation rental company Casago has some answers.

Casago has ranked the top-rated tourist attractions in North America based on reviews by U.S. travelers, and the results may surprise (or maybe even inspire) you…

6) Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua

Situated about 15 miles from the city of Leon, Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro Volcano is a sight to behold.

Standing at 2,388ft, this imperious volcano stands out against the horizon thanks to its jet-black slopes made from the ash and volcanic rock of previous eruptions.

Not only is this a great attraction for lovers of great scenery and amateur volcanologists, it’s also ideal for thrill-seekers – you can hire sleds and sandboards to whizz down the sandy slopes.

a man sandboarding down Cerro Negro Volcano in nicaraguaa man sandboarding down Cerro Negro Volcano in nicaragua

Need another reason to visit? Nicaragua is by far one of the cheapest countries in the region, with average spending for travelers estimated at about $55 per day.

5) Central Park, New York

The 840-acre strip of green that punctuates Manhattan is quite possibly the most famous park on the planet.

I am, of course, referring to Central Park in New York City, the only attraction in the United States to make this top 6.

As well as being a great spot for walking, running, or grabbing a relaxing picnic, Central Park is home to a world-famous zoo, a carousel, and a boathouse where you can rent boats to traverse the lake.

NYC Aerial ViewNYC Aerial View

One of the best things about Central Park is the views it affords you of some of New York’s most iconic buildings.

4) Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico

Located just over a mile west of the Angel of Independence statue in ever-popular Mexico City, the Museo Nacional de Antropologia is the national museum of Mexico and well worth adding to your itinerary when visiting.

Over more than 800,000 square feet of exhibition space, the museum showcases some of the most interesting cultural and archeological artifacts in all of Mexico.

Museo Nacional de Antropologia in mexico city museumMuseo Nacional de Antropologia in mexico city museum

The entry fee is 95 Mexican Pesos (about $5), and right now, the museum is showcasing limited-time exhibitions on the themes of apocalypse and Chac Mool by Sebastian.

3) Old Quebec, Canada

This UNESCO World Heritage site is a remarkably well-preserved fortified town featuring intricate colonial architecture that dates back over 400 years.

They call this region of the city ‘the birthplace of French North America’, and it’s easy to see why when you sample some of the delightful cafes, bakeries, and independent shops on Petit-Champlain Street.

Old Quebec is close to a picturesque port, which is a beautiful spot to watch either sunrise or sunset paint golden light over the beautiful buildings behind.

frontenac castle at sunset in old quebec city canadafrontenac castle at sunset in old quebec city canada

This unique attraction must surely play a part in why Canada is always one of the most visited destinations for Americans.

2) Horseshoe Falls, Canada

For those who aren’t familiar, Horseshoe Falls is one of the main waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls.

Horseshoe is on the Canadian side of this iconic destination and attracts more than 8 million visitors annually.

It might seem like a cliched and maybe even overrated destination, but it scored the second-highest average score in this study among American travelers.

horseshoe falls in niagara falls canadahorseshoe falls in niagara falls canada

Despite the slightly gaudy nature of the nearby town, the falls themselves are something everyone should see at least once.  

1) Tikal, Guatemala

It may surprise you to learn that the top-rated attraction in North America by American travelers lies in the underrated nation of Guatemala.

But once you lay eyes on the magnificent temples and ruins of Tikal National Park in the far northeast of the country, you may begin to understand.

The temples here jut up above dense rainforest and offer perhaps some of the best examples to witness what ancient Maya culture was like.

It’s also relatively easy to access – there’s a small airport in the city of Flores on the shores of Lake Peten Itza that is only about an hour’s drive from Tikal.

tikal maya ruins in the rainforest in guatemalatikal maya ruins in the rainforest in guatemala

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