Value-add procurement takes flight at London Luton Airport with JAGGAER

Value-add procurement takes flight at London Luton Airport with JAGGAER

London Luton Airport (LLA), one of the UK’s busiest airports, carrying over 16.2 million passengers in 2023, has selected JAGGAER, the global leader in Autonomous Commerce, to launch its ambitious procurement strategies.

The airport is operated by a consortium whose majority shareholders are AENA, the world’s largest airport operator, and InfraBridge, a leading infrastructure investment manager. In 2024, JAGGAER was awarded its tender for a new procurement platform, adding to the numerous Middle Eastern aviation contracts within the company’s portfolio, including Sharjah Airport.

With the JAGGAER platform, the LLA procurement team can now focus on value-added activities, moving away from a disconnected technology stack and manual, time-consuming processes from loading request for tenders (RFTs) to checking the accuracy of supplier insurance documents or certifications- to a tool that frees up resource thanks to intelligent automation and a seamlessly connected platform of capabilities.

Richard McCord, CFO at London Luton Airport, said: “Although London Luton Airport embraced the changing role of procurement to drive value and efficiencies while supporting suppliers, many of them local, we were lacking the tools to maximise the strategic impact that procurement can bring to our business. This new platform enables us to build a tailored solution that truly fits our needs while continuing to trace a flight path for responsible procurement over the coming years.”

With the airport’s focus on compliance, the new automated platform will allow the LLA’s procurement team to progress from manually managing processes to a platform that will only require human intervention in case of exceptions. For example, when a supplier’s insurance runs out, the team will no longer have to call and request the updated document, as the JAGGAER platform will manage this automatically.

In addition to being fully compliant with the new UK Procurement Bill, which will come into effect in October 2024, the new solution enables the introduction of a digital category strategy, connecting data across the procurement lifecycle. This will help LLA move away from a more transactional and admin-focused model of managing procurement to strategic management of spend and suppliers.

In the Middle East, where clients include Sharjah Airport, amongst others, the company is responsible for enhancing operational efficiency through a suite of innovative services. By transforming sourcing processes, JAGGAER ensures better procurement outcomes, optimises supplier relationships, and increases collaboration, fostering a more cohesive and productive supply chain.

Hany Mosbeh, Senior Vice President – Middle East and Africa, JAGGAER, commented: “With our extensive experience in the aviation sector, in the Middle East, Europe and globally, JAGGAER is uniquely positioned to drive innovation and efficiency. Our expertise ensures that airports and aviation entities worldwide can achieve seamless operations and strategic procurement.

“Utilising the JAGGAER platform, London Luton Airport now have all the tools they need to realise their objectives both now and in the future. We understand organisations’ sensitivities and pressure points and are fully equipped to support their digital transformation, helping revamp their procurement strategy for better strategic thinking and value generation through optimised supply chain management.”



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