Digital identity revolution: Frictionless travel on the horizon

Digital identity revolution: Frictionless travel on the horizon

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The future of travel, streamlined and secure, was unveiled at Phocuswright Europe 2024’s “Executive Panel: Digital Identity is (Nearly) Here.”  Moderated by Mitra Sorrells, Editor in Chief at PhocusWire, the session brought together Vikas Bhola (CEO, Neoke), Francois Blanc (Managing Director, Amadeus Traveler ID, Amadeus IT Group SA), and Annet Steenbergen (Advisor, EU Digital Identity Wallet Consortium) to discuss the transformative potential of digital identity technology.

The conversation centered on the imminent arrival of a frictionless travel experience. Annet Steenbergen, representing the EU Digital Identity Wallet Consortium, provided a groundbreaking update:  “As of last month, the EU has implemented new regulations mandating a digital identity wallet for all European citizens and residents by 2026.  This decentralized wallet will revolutionize online and offline identification, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. It’s GDPR in action, empowering individuals and simplifying verification processes for organizations.”

Francois Blanc of Amadeus IT Group SA echoed this enthusiasm, envisioning a future where “digital ID encompasses the entire travel journey, from booking and shopping to border crossings.  Imagine sharing your details seamlessly with airports and hotels in advance, eliminating queues and streamlining the entire experience. The possibilities with this technology are vast.”

Vikas Bhola, CEO of Neoke, highlighted the game-changing potential of digital identity:  “The use cases for this technology are profound. Imagine a world where countless travel hassles are eliminated with a secure digital ID.  While infrastructure challenges exist, solutions like our on-the-fly web wallet creation are paving the way for border control and other official travel applications.”

The panelists explored the potential for personalization within the digital identity framework. Blanc cited Expedia’s One Key loyalty program as a prime example:  “Imagine seamlessly sharing your loyalty tier status and program details across travel providers with a single click.” Steenbergen emphasized the data ownership aspect: “This system empowers users. You control the data in your wallet and grant consent, fostering trust within the ecosystem.”

The discussion concluded with a call to collective action. Sorrells summarized the key takeaway: “For this vision to become reality, everyone needs to be on board – governments, travel providers, airlines, hotels, and payment processors.  Collaboration is key to ushering in a frictionless travel future powered by digital identity.”






The post Digital identity revolution: Frictionless travel on the horizon appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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